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The Bradshaw Legacy

bjms_racks..._200_01Thank you for your interest in CAE products. A quick walk through this web site will reveal a wide variety of tools you can use to create a system unique to your own specific needs. From a simple stomp box based system, to a more elaborate multi-amp/preamp rig with several multi-effects processors and line mixing, anything is possible. Think of Custom Audio Electronics as the "glue" that holds your system together.

CAE, Inc. was formed in 1980 when I sensed a need for a more logical approach to multi-component rigs. Tired of the traditional pedalboard approach with components secured to a piece of wood, I developed a system utilizing a rack mounted audio switcher with discrete loops for 100% bypassing of each effect as well as functions for channel switching amps and additional effects control. This was coupled to a rugged foot controller with a direct access switch and LED for each loop and/or function in the system. Preset capabilities and MIDI were added later. This logical approach is still the basis of our systems today. Maximum flexibility, sonic transparency and bulletproof reliability have always been our goal.

Find out what the pros have known for years. Custom Audio Electronics is the only choice for high quality guitar systems.

-Robert C. Bradshaw
Custom Audio Electronics

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Since the beginning, when I set out to design systems weather it be a specific piece of hardware or an entire rig, I would often start with a hand drawn sketch. When I started out, there were no computer programs to do this sort of thing that I was aware of. And besides, I didn't have a pc anyway! Nowadays things are different, but I still often start with a simple drawing. Its just faster for me this way.

The following is an early diagram/sketch, dating back nearly 30 years! More of these to come soon!

Early Diagram


Here is an early sketch of a remote controlled pedalboard idea. Note the date in the upper left hand corner.

And here is the end result of that sketch
with a few revisions, of course!

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