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The Amazing MC404 Wah


Dunlop Manufacturing presents another member of the Cry Baby product line,
the MC404 CAE Wah developed in conjunction with Bob Bradshaw of Custom
Audio Electronics. For over 30 years, Mr. Bradshaw has been designing
elaborate guitar rigs for some of the biggest names in the business. Bob
himself relates what special modifications he would do to wah pedals to work
for these guitar heroes and how in the MC404 these mods are available to

Dunlop Senior Engineer Bob Cedro further explains the features of the
pedal in detail and gives some sound samples.

The MC404 features :

  • 2 switchable Fasel inductors for different tonalities
  • Up to 18db boost circuit ( from the CAE MC401 pedal)
  • Internal "Q" controls
  • Status LED lights
  • Long life CTS potentiometer
  • True Hardwire Bypass
  • Custom paint finish and CAE graphics

For more information on the MC404 as well as the other Dunlop products
developed with Bob Bradshaw please visit:

Visit www.crybabydoc.com to see the feature length documentary "Cry Baby:
The Pedal That Rocks The World" starring Eddie Van Halen, Kirk Hammet, Wah
Wah Watson, Brad Plunkett, Del Casher, Skip Pitts, Dweezil Zappa, Dennis
Coffey, and many others.

Produced and Directed by: Joey Tosi
Edited & Recorded by: Max Baloian
Director of Photography: Danny Neider
Gaffer/Asst Camera: Matt Hazelrig

Signal Chain for Audio Samples:
Strat+MC404 CAE Wah+Zinky Supro Amp 1-12" (6L6, Fender Style)
Recorded using Heil PR30 & PR40 Microphones (http://www.heilsound.com)

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