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Product :: RS-10MKII MIDI Foot Controller (discontinued )

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DISCONTINUED (see RS-5 Midi Foot Controller)

A compact, "no frills" version of the popular RS-10, the RS-10MKII is a rugged, simple to use MIDI foot controller capable of sending both program change and controller data on a single MIDI channel. It can be used as a stand alone basic MIDI patch changer or as the master controller of a more elaborate CAE switching system. The RS-10MKII utilizes 10 heavy duty footswitches for activating presets or direct access control data, depending on the status of the "Mode/Store" switch. Included is a "Bank/Return" switch giving access to 10 banks of 10 random access presets for a total of 100 memory locations.

In addition, the RS-10MKII supports the use of up to 3 8-switch Expander modules for direct access control. Therefore, it is possible to create a foot controller with 10 banks of 10 random access presets along with 34 direct access controller switches!

Download Manual Download Manual (46.6 KB)

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