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Product :: RS-10 MIDI Foot Controller(discontinued:See RST)

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Well known for his high quality professional guitar system design and products, the RS-10 is a comprehensive, rugged, yet simple to use MIDI foot controller designed to interface directly with the CAE 4x4 and 2x4 Audio Controller, the Rocktron Patchmate, or any MIDI device that recognizes controller commands and patch changes. Together they form an extremely versatile audio switching/control system at a reasonable cost.

Features Include

  • Direct access to each individual loop/control of any CAE audio controllers or any other midi device that responds to program and control change (cc) numbers.
  • 32 banks of 4 random access presets in addition to the 10 individual controller switches (SW0-SW9).
  • Bank up & down switches.
  • 2 ports for MIDI continuous control (P1&P2).
  • 3 digit display for bank/program change indication and programming functions.
  • Separate MIDI channels can be programmed for:
    • Program changes (up to 5)
    • Each of the 10 controller switches
    • P1 (continuous control port)
    • P2 (continuous control port)
    • Receive channel
  • MIDI bulk dump/load capability.
  • Supports multiple footswitches for remote onstage/offstage locations.
  • Expandable, the optional RS-10 Expander Module adds an additional 6 direct access controller switches and 2 presets to an existing RS-10.
  • Heavy gauge steel chassis to withstand years of heavy use.
  • Heavy duty footswitches that you can feel.

Download Manual Download Manual (27.5 KB)

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