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Product :: 4x4 Audio Controller(Discontinued)

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The 4x4 is the first in a series of high-quality audio switching modules for Custom Audio Electronics that can be used whenever ultra low noise, sonically transparent signal routing is required. Consisting of four discrete audio loops and four relay contact closures, the 4x4 is activated by MIDI controller data and may be configured for a wide variety of uses.


Features Include

  • Sonically transparent, passive audio switching elements.
  • Ultra low noise, wide bandwidth and dynamic range.
  • Silent, click-free switching... even in high gain applications.
  • Separate in, out, send and return jacks for each of the four audio loops.
  • Different audio switching elements can be installed for critical applications (consult factory).
  • Super low noise buffer circuit for high to low impedance matching (bypassable).
  • Four relay contact closures (C1-C4) for devices utilizing switch to ground functions.
  • Stereo jacks for C1-C4 allow normally open or normally closed relay operation.
  • MIDI controlled - simple to operate. Can be activated by a wide variety of MIDI controllers including the CAE RS-10 and RS-10 MKII.
  • Powered by a 9 volt AC or DC remote power supply for lowest noise.
  • Front panel LED display indicates status of each loop and control function.


  • Loops 1 through 4 can be used at instrument level before amps for switching pedal effects, or at line level for high quality signal processing between preamps and power amps.
  • Transparent; when used in line between instruments and amps, the 4x4 loops cause no audible signal degradation or added noise.
  • Loops can be configured as in-line bypass, audio muting and A/B select circuits with silent switching.
  • Relay control C1-C4 functions are completely isolated, preventing ground loops and can be used to channel switch amps or wherever a latching footswitch function is used.
  • High quality, low noise buffer circuit prevents unnecessary loading of high impedance instruments, thus allowing multiple amp combinations and long series chains of effects with unsurpassed clarity. Buffer can be bypassed for a completely passive switching system or factory adjusted for optimum use.
  • Modular. More than one 4x4 may be used in a system with individual access to each loop or control function via MIDI controller data. Systems using more than one 4x4 can expand as your needs grow.
  • Can be used to expand and improve performance of existing systems such as the Rocktron/Bradshaw RSB18R (consult factory for details).

Download Manual Download Manual (112.8 KB)

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