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Product :: Custom Pedalboard Switching System

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The CAE PSS is a Custom Built audio/system controller with all the features of the other CAE "rack mount" custom switchers in a compact "pedalboard friendly"  chassis. In fact, the PSS can actually be rack mounted if necessary by removing and rotating its mounting brackets 90 degrees! Designed to be mounted on a pedalboard in the upper left or right corner (audience side), connections to amps and other backline components are made along the front edge, with connections to pedals on the opposite (inside) panel. This way, the board connections remain uncluttered, and you can see all connections to pedals easily. Connectionsto the "outside world" don't come into the pedalboard, keeping a cleaner look.

Features Include

  • Custom Designed with the exact features you need.
  • Compact 3.5"x3.5"X17" design can be Pedalboard or Rack mounted.
  • Optional CAE ISO Jacks provide transformer isolation with Phase and Ground Lift switches included for selected outputs or inputs.
  • Passive relay based switching responds to midi control change (cc) commands.
  • High quality high headroom buffers included at select points in the signal path.Multi-channel capability depending on system design.
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