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Product :: RS-5 Midi Foot Controller(discontinued:See RST)

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The Custom Audio Electronics RS-5 Midi Foot Controller is a full featured midi controller designed primarily to seamlessly interface with CAE audio routers and systems.It can also be used as a stand alone universal midi program changer/system controller with other midi devices that recognize midi program change and controller commands. It offers the most powerful feature set of any CAE RS Midi Foot Controller yet, including the RS-10!

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Features Include

With the RS-5 you can:

  • Arrange RS-5 Presets containing user defined  program and control change commands into 100 Banks of 5 Preset combinations...500 Presets!
  • 1 exclusive “Global Preset” easily accessible from any of the RS-5 Presets in any Bank.
  • Limit Banks to any number from 1 to 100.
  • Preview or Direct Bank access mode allows instant (or not) access when scrolling thru Banks.
  • Send 4 Midi Program Change Commands on 4 separate user defined Midi channels per RS-5 Preset.
  • Send 10 (expandable to up to 26) Midi Control Changes (cc#s) on 1 separate user defined Midi channel.
  • Midi Bank select capability is also available to control devices that respond to Bank Select commands.
  • Easily switch between Direct Mode (all 10 Direct Access controller switches available) and Preset Mode ( 5 Direct Access controllers available with 5 Presets) with 1 switch.
  • Set Direct Access controller switches to either momentary or latching functions
  • Isolate specific Direct Access switches into “Global” functions that don’t follow Preset changes.
  • Interlock Direct Access switches into mutually exclusive group.
  • Heavy Duty Powder coated steel chassis and Carling footswitches.
  • Rugged XLR connector for interfacing to CAE audio controllers.

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