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Trey Anastasio-Phish (Video)

Here is some Phish food for 'yall.

The Back story:

Around 1997 or so we built this rig as a "B" (for backup) system for Trey Anastasio. This was when he was using the CAE 3+ SE Preamp and Groove Tubes 75 power amp as his main source of amp tone. Trey had previously purchased various CAE switching gear (4x4 and RS-10) as well as the 3+ Preamp after hearing about us from bassist Mike Gordon. Mike had actually come to us first for his effects switching needs.Trey had his tech at the time , Pete Carini, assemble the initial system, with technical assistance from CAE. Trey continued to use this for awhile and over time aquired other pieces of CAE gear such as the Super Tremolo, and Black Cat Vibe. By this time Pete Carini moved to another position in the Phish organization, and a new tech came along whose name escapes me. At some point an annoying intermittent problem developed in the system causing a crackling, "cutting out" type of sound, which the tech guy was having trouble figuring out. Eventually , in a panic, they called me in to try to figure it out. I remember this quite clearly. It was a friday night at about 8 or 9 p.m., and my wife and I had just returned home from dinner where I received the call. They convinced me (reluctantly) to fly back east on a red-eye flight and even sent a car to pick me up from home. I got to the gig the next morning (some arena somewhere) and we set the gear up back stage in a room. I commenced to tear that rig apart... looking for a "crackle"... everything seemed fine. This went on all afternoon until just about time we had to wheel everything onstage. As a precaution I went around and started tightening up every nut, bolt and screw in this rig. As I went to tighten up the input jack on the Groove Tube D75 power amp, the jack spun internally, and the jack tip came in contact with the chassis, and BINGO! the signal cut out. Took the amp apart, and sure enough, this was causing the problem all along.Problem solved. The show was flawless that night (at least sonically) and I flew home the next day a hero. Soon after, that tech guy got fired, Brian Brown came in after all this, and I was commissioned to build a complete duplicate backup rig, which is what you see in the video here. Brian has been with Trey ever since, and after all this, Trey ended up going with the Fender Deluxe rig that I believe he uses today. He even mentioned to me his intent on going in this direction (Fender Deluxe) when I was out there. I have had little contact with Trey since all this and mostly speak with Brian when necessary. I believe he still uses some the the CAE stuff to this day.



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